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Equimotional Befriending Fear Workbook

Welcome to the Equimotional Befriending Fear Workbook, your essential companion on the path to emotional resilience and growth. This workbook integrates the profound insights of equine wellbeing coaching with practical exercises designed to help you transform your relationship with fear.

What You'll Discover:

  • Interactive Exercises: Dive into interactive exercises crafted to explore the roots of fear and empower you with actionable insights.

  • Practical Techniques: Learn effective techniques grounded in equine assisted intervention principles to manage fear and anxiety in everyday life.

  • Guided Reflections: Engage in guided reflections that encourage deep introspection and emotional healing.

  • Expert Insights: Gain valuable perspectives from equine wellbeing experts on how horses teach us to embrace fear as a catalyst for personal growth.

Who Can Benefit:

Whether you're a facilitator looking to enhance your coaching practice or an individual seeking tools for personal development, this workbook offers a compassionate approach to overcoming fear and building resilience.

Why Choose Equimotional:

At Equimotional, we are dedicated to promoting mental wellbeing through a non-pathologising, trauma-informed lens. Our resources empower you to cultivate a positive relationship with fear and harness its transformative potential.

Befriending Fear

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