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Welcome to the Equimotional Workbook - a powerful resource designed to empower individuals through the wisdom of equines. This comprehensive guide is tailored to those seeking to boost their confidence and resilience, drawing inspiration from the profound connection between humans and horses.


What to Expect:

- Guided Exercises with Equines: Dive into a series of carefully crafted activities that harness the innate therapeutic qualities of horses. Through interactive exercises, you'll learn to navigate challenges with confidence and grace.


- Self-Reflective Prompts: Explore your own journey towards confidence and resilience. Thought-provoking prompts encourage introspection, helping you unearth your inner strengths and foster a greater sense of self-assurance.


- Practical Strategies for Daily Life: Discover actionable strategies that extend beyond the stable.



Why Equimotional?


Our approach combines the expertise of an Equine Wellbeing Coach for Mental Health and an Assistant Social Worker, ensuring a holistic and compassionate approach to building confidence and resilience.


Who Can Benefit:

- Professionals in helping professions who can integrate equine-assisted techniques into their practice.



Building Confidence & Resilience Workbook

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