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Welcome to our Basic Level One Equine Wellbeing Online Course! This course is your gateway to discovering the transformative power of Equine-Wellbeing Coaching (EWC), a unique approach that utilizes horses to aid personal growth and development. With 40 enlightening slides, each accompanied by narration, information, tasks, and four comprehensive modules with thought-provoking questions, this course offers a tantalizing glimpse into the world of Equine Wellbeing Coaching.


In this foundational module, you will gain an understanding of what Equine-Facilitated Learning is and how it can profoundly impact human lives. Through narrated presentations, you'll explore the philosophy and principles behind this practice, discovering how horses serve as mirrors and guides for personal transformation.

Delve into the heart of Equine Wellbeing Coaching by exploring the intricate bond between humans and horses. This module explores how horses are masterful in sensing emotions and fostering non-judgmental connections. Through engaging slides and narrated insights, you'll learn how this connection can catalyze healing and personal discovery.

Uncover the methodologies used to guide individuals through self-awareness, emotional regulation, and enhanced communication skills, all while partnering with these majestic animals.


As you progress through each module, interactive tasks challenge you to reflect on the content and apply it to practical scenarios. These tasks enrich your understanding and prepare you to engage with the concepts of Equine Wellbeing Coaching in meaningful ways.


Assessment and Certification:


To gauge your comprehension, each module concludes with thought-provoking questions. Successfully completing all modules qualifies you for a Statement of Participation certificate, acknowledging your commitment to understanding EWC


**Bonus Resources:**

As a supplementary bonus, you'll receive a downloadable Word document filled with Equine-Facilitated Learning exercises. These exercises provide hands-on opportunities to deepen your engagement with the concepts explored in the course PLUS a 9- Day Personal Action Plan.


**Important Note:**


It's important to clarify that this course does not qualify you to practice as an Equine Wellbeing Coach. Instead, it provides a comprehensive introduction to Equine-Facilitated Learning, offering you a taste of how horses can be utilized as catalysts for personal growth and transformation.


Join us on this enlightening journey as we explore the world of Equine Wellbeing Coaching and the incredible impact it can have on human lives. Experience the magic of horses as partners in the journey towards self-discovery and empowerment.

Equimotional Level One Introduction To EWC

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