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Friends and Healthy Relationships


Discover the extraordinary world of friendships and healthy relationships through the captivating lens of equine-wellbeing coaching.


This innovative workbook combines the magic of equine interactions with engaging activities to help young minds explore the essential elements of positive relationships. As readers delve into the pages, they'll uncover a treasure trove of insights, interactive exercises, and thought-provoking reflections that bridge the gap between the equine and human worlds.


Friendship Unleashed:


Embark on an exploration of the true meaning of friendship, learning from the natural bonds that horses share within their herds. Through heartwarming activities, readers will identify what makes a good friend and recognize the traits that contribute to lasting connections.


Empathy on Hooves:


Dive into the realm of empathy as horses teach us the art of understanding and connecting with others on a deeper level. Engaging exercises and equine interactions inspire readers to step into another's shoes and experience the magic of genuine connection.


Conflict Bridged:


Navigate the intricacies of conflict resolution through equine learning lessons. With the guidance of horses, readers learn the valuable skills of empathy, respectful communication, and finding common ground to mend relationships.


Immerse yourself in the captivating world of horse herd dynamics. Through observations of horse behaviour, readers uncover astonishing parallels between equine relationships and the human connections they're building.


This is more than a workbook; it's an invitation to embark on a transformative journey guided by the wisdom of our four-legged friends. With expertly crafted activities, reflective prompts, and insights from equine-facilitated learning, this workbook empowers young readers to foster authentic, meaningful, and healthy relationships that last a lifetime.


Friends & Healthy Relationships

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