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📘🌟 Discover the Equimotional Wellbeing Coaching Framework! 🌟📘


Revolutionize your approach to mental health and well-being with the Equimotional Wellbeing Coaching Framework – a comprehensive guide designed to empower facilitators and transform the lives of their clients.


Our framework combines the latest research in trauma-informed care, strengths-based coaching, and cultural humility to provide a holistic approach to healing and growth. With clear guidance and practical tools, including our exclusive Life Experiences Reflection Tool and S-EWCS Framework, facilitators can confidently support clients on their journey to wellness.


What sets us apart?

Our framework is more than just a guidebook – it's a complete system for success.


With our Coaches Guidebooks, facilitators gain access to a wealth of resources, including:


✨ The Equimotional Coaches Guidebook: A comprehensive manual that covers everything from trauma-informed practice to ethical considerations, ensuring that facilitators are equipped to support clients with compassion and professionalism.

✨ The Equimotional Strengths Workbook: A companion resource for facilitators, providing exercises, reflection prompts & learnng about how to be strength based.


Ready to transform your practice and empower your clients to thrive? Join the Equimotional community today and unlock the full potential of the Equimotional Wellbeing Coaching Framework.



To attain accreditation with Equimotional, facilitators are required to demonstrate their adherence to the Equimotional Wellbeing Coaching Framework through practical application. Facilitators must compile a table summarizing at least 10 sessions where they have implemented the framework in their practice.


This table should showcase how they have integrated the principles of trauma-informed care, strengths-based coaching, non-pathologizing language, cultural humility, and ethical practice into their sessions.


Once the table is submitted and reviewed, facilitators who meet the accreditation criteria will receive a certificate of accreditation from Equimotional. A


dditionally, they will be provided with a JPEG logo that signifies their accreditation status. This logo can be displayed on their website, social media profiles, marketing materials, and other relevant platforms to showcase their commitment to excellence in wellbeing coaching.


Accreditation with Equimotional not only validates facilitators' proficiency in implementing the framework but also enhances their credibility and trustworthiness among clients and peers. It serves as a symbol of dedication to providing high-quality, ethical, and effective support to individuals on their journey toward healing and growth.

S-EWCS Framework & Guides

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