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Adele Morris , UK

We had the best morning at Equimotional. Charlie is very welcoming and therapeutic. Olivia was very nervous to begin with and by the end Charlie had worked her magic and she was grooming Dora, it was her first time with a horse and she can’t wait to come back.



Well, hello there, fabulous humans! I'm Dora, the four-legged genius behind the scenes at Equimotional. Bet you didn't expect a sassy horse to be the mastermind, did you? Allow me, the true brains of this operation, to spill the hay... I mean, beans!

So, picture this: I'm living my best horsie life, strutting my stuff in the field, when one day, the humans start muttering about "retirement." Pfft, as if I need a break! But hey, they had this grand idea—Equimotional! A place where horses like me could shine and earn our keep. Who knew retirement could be so fancy?

Now, I might act all sassy and independent, but deep down, I have a soft spot for those tiny humans. Shh, don't tell anyone, especially not the other horses. Kids bring me joy, and secretly, I'm all about those cuddles. But, of course, I have a reputation to uphold, so keep that on the down-low.

Equimotional became the coolest gig in town, thanks to yours truly, Dora. I may not type with hooves, but I certainly inspired the humans to create a space where the magic happens—where kids, horses, and well-being collide in a spectacular Equimotional extravaganza.

Now, every time you trot into Equimotional, remember that it all started with a sassy horse who knew a thing or two about making retirement look good. So, buckle up, humans, and let the Equimotional adventure begin! 


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