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Adele Morris , UK

We had the best morning at Equimotional. Charlie is very welcoming and therapeutic. Olivia was very nervous to begin with and by the end Charlie had worked her magic and she was grooming Dora, it was her first time with a horse and she can’t wait to come back.



Well, hello there, fabulous humans! I'm Dora, the four-legged genius behind the scenes at Equimotional. Bet you didn't expect a sassy horse to be the mastermind, did you? Allow me, the true brains of this operation, to spill the hay... I mean, beans!

So, picture this: I'm living my best horsie life, strutting my stuff in the field, when one day, the humans start muttering about "retirement." Pfft, as if I need a break! But hey, they had this grand idea—Equimotional! A place where horses like me could shine and earn our keep. Who knew retirement could be so fancy?

Now, I might act all sassy and independent, but deep down, I have a soft spot for those tiny humans. Shh, don't tell anyone, especially not the other horses. Kids bring me joy, and secretly, I'm all about those cuddles. But, of course, I have a reputation to uphold, so keep that on the down-low.

Equimotional became the coolest gig in town, thanks to yours truly, Dora. I may not type with hooves, but I certainly inspired the humans to create a space where the magic happens—where kids, horses, and well-being collide in a spectacular Equimotional extravaganza.

Now, every time you trot into Equimotional, remember that it all started with a sassy horse who knew a thing or two about making retirement look good. So, buckle up, humans, and let the Equimotional adventure begin! 

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Equimotional Trauma Informed Glossary

At Equimotional, we believe in the power of empowerment and education. We understand that language is a vital tool in creating a supportive and empathetic environment for both our clients and our equine partners. That's why we've developed a comprehensive Trauma-Informed Glossary to guide our interactions and enhance our equine facilitated coaching.

Our glossary includes thoughtful and respectful terms that reflect our commitment to mindful communication. By using language that fosters trust, understanding, and connection, we aim to create a safe space where everyone can thrive.

💬 Why This Matters:

  • Empowerment: Using respectful language empowers our clients, helping them feel valued and understood.

  • Education: By educating clients about the origins and meanings of equine-related terms, we deepen their connection with the horses and the therapeutic process.

  • Mindfulness: Thoughtful language helps prevent re-traumatisation and promotes a healing environment.

New Arrival

Our Equimotional Team

Who We Are

Felicity Carter MBACP

Dora & Beannie


Charlotte Vicary

Nat Dip.

BA Hons

Official Sponsor Of The Equestrian Business Awards 2023 & Members of Equinnect.

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About Equimotional

Who We Are

Revolutionising Equine Wellbeing Coaching: Being One Step Ahead:

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey that combines the power of equine connection with holistic wellbeing coaching? 

Welcome to Equimotional, where we believe in the profound impact of horses on mental and emotional health. Our unique approach, Equine Wellbeing Coaching, is designed to harness this connection in a trauma-informed and non-pathologising way.

About Equimotional 

Equimotional was founded on the belief that horses can be incredible partners in fostering mental health and emotional resilience and that if someone is provided with a strengths-based environment, they can florurish. Our mission is to provide a supportive, nurturing environment where individuals can explore their emotions, build self-awareness, and develop coping strategies, all through interactions with horses. Our programmes are rooted in empathy, understanding, and respect for both humans and horses. 

What Sets Us Apart

1. Trauma-Informed Approach:  We recognise the importance of understanding trauma and its impact. Our facilitators are trained to create a safe, supportive space that respects the unique experiences of each participant.


2. Non-Pathologising Philosophy:  We focus on strengths and possibilities rather than labels. Our goal is to empower individuals by highlighting their resilience and potential.


3. Accredited Training for Facilitators: At Equimotional, we offer comprehensive training courses for those who wish to become accredited Equimotional Coaches. Our courses provide the knowledge, skills, and support necessary to guide others on their equine wellbeing journey.

4. Holistic Wellbeing: Our programmes are designed to address the whole person, considering physical, emotional, and mental well-being. We believe in fostering a balanced, healthy lifestyle through the therapeutic presence of horses.

Working with Young People

At Equimotional, we are particularly passionate about supporting the mental health and well-being of young people. We offer tailored programmes that help young clients develop emotional resilience, self-confidence, and coping skills. By working with horses, young people learn to connect with their emotions in a non-judgemental space, fostering a sense of trust and safety.

APTI-Informed Workbooks for clients & facilitators

Our commitment to a trauma-informed approach is reflected in our APTI (Anti-Pathologising Trauma-Informed) workbooks. These workbooks are designed to guide clients through their emotional journey, providing practical exercises and reflections that integrate the latest research in trauma-informed care. These resources help clients understand their emotions, develop healthy coping mechanisms, and build stronger relationships. 

Our Framework

To ensure consistency and regulation in the field, Equimotional has developed its own framework for gathering qualitative data. This framework is designed to provide a structured approach to evaluating the impact of our programmes, ensuring that we can consistently measure and improve our services. By adhering to this framework, we maintain high standards and contribute valuable insights to the broader field of equine wellbeing coaching also in line with ethical considerations from the ACCPH & BACP. 

Join Our Community

Equimotional is more than just a service; it's a community. With a thriving Facebook page of over 4,000 members, we offer a space for individuals to connect, share experiences, and support one another. We regularly post insights, success stories, and tips for both equine enthusiasts and those interested in mental health and wellbeing.#

Why Choose Equimotional?

Experience: Our team combines expertise and understanding in equine studies and mental well-being. 


Passion: We are driven by a genuine love for people  and a commitment to improving mental health and enrichment. 


Support: We provide ongoing support for our facilitators and participants, ensuring a continuous journey of growth and healing.


Get Involved

Whether you're looking to become a certified Equimotional Coach, participate in our programmes, or simply learn more about the incredible benefits of equine wellbeing coaching, we invite you to join us. 


Equimotional is dedicated to making a positive impact on the mental health and wellbeing of people worldwide. Together, let's embrace the healing power of our own selves and create a future filled with resilience, hope, and connection.

Equimotional Services

Healing with Hooves

EFL Resource Booklets

Frequently utilized by most of our customers, these booklets can be purchased in the UK as singular items or Internationally in Bulk. They provide clients with something tangible to take away from their sessions and focus on Mindfulness , Emotions & Identity.

Equimotional Coaching Course

This is one of our most popular services available. It’s made a big difference for many of our customers, and is provided with the highest level of excellence. 

If you love horses and helping people, then becoming an Equimotional Wellbeing Practitioner might be the next step in expanding your career horizons.

This course is suitable for teachers, coaches, support workers, horse riding instructors ,and anyone with a love of horses and people.

ITOL & IPHM Accredited.

Equimotional Business In A Box

We want all of our customers to experience the impressive level of professionalism when working with Equimotional. All of our services, especially this one, exist to make your life easier and stress free. You can trust us to supply you with the best products, as well as top quality customer service.

Our Business In A Box offers you a bespoke personalised start up kit to fit your budget and your business. Email Enquires Only. 

dor xuddly book.jpg

Our Clients Say


"We had our first session with my eldest boy 6 (autistic) and the difference it has made is exceptional! Charlie had such a wonderful natural way of adjusting to my sons needs that took him by surprise and made him gain in confidence. He started the session timid of touching the horses and only talking through me, but ended the session taking the horse lead alone and chatting away to Charlie and the remainder of today he has radiated happiness. I would 100% recommend Equimotional to Everyone!!

My son can't wait to go again.

Mrs H Durkin

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