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Welcome to Equimotional. Your Journey Starts Here.


Adele Morris , UK

We had the best morning at Equimotional. Charlie is very welcoming and therapeutic. Olivia was very nervous to begin with and by the end Charlie had worked her magic and she was grooming Dora, it was her first time with a horse and she can’t wait to come back.




Welcome to Equimotional

Hi Everyone.
We're Dora & Beannie. 
We're Charlie's therapists & lifelong pals....
We have come to believe that our presence in Charlie's life has not only caused her financial ruin BUT has enriched her mental health and well being. 
We'd love to help others with their feelings by lending an ear and maybe our hooves and hearts to help you like we've helped Charlie.

We can take on whatever it may be that you need to set down.... we've got very broad shoulders - Charlie said its a pain to fit a saddle to , whatever that means! - and we never judge.... I mean , why would we ? We poop , sleep and eat all in the same place. 

We want to take you on a journey to improve your wellbeing , but mainly get some of those sweet crunchy apples people always bring us....

Its great to meet you all and you'll be sure to find us milling around on this new page dedicated to how awesome we are! 


New Arrival